Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow, that was a long airplane ride, Daddy.

Flight Info
Date: 02/10/07 Route of Flight: KSLC - OGD
Legs: 1 Total Duration: 0.3 Hours Type: VFR

I took the family for a Hundred Dollar Hamburger, a few weeks ago. We flew to Ogden Airport to eat at the New Kemp Jet Center. It is, the nicest facility I have ever seen at a general aviation airport, they also happen to have the nicest restaurant inside an FBO I have ever seen. The food was great.
When we landed in Ogden, which is literally a 10 minute trip (the "Total Duration" listed in the box above is not a typo), my son said to me, "Wow, that was a long airplane ride, Daddy." Ok, so I have this airplane, it can travel 1000 miles (~700 nautical miles) without refueling, however it would seem we are currently limited to 30 mile trips, as the kids don't seem to like flying in the airplane all that much. I think part of it has to do with the fact that they don't get the immediate attention they are used to when we are in the air. And the other part is, that our first trip took place mid-summer when it was 90+ degrees on takeoff so they were hot and miserable until we reached cruising altitude (then they were just miserable), but that's a different story... We ended up spending the night in Ogden because the weather was bad, the kids (and the Woman) thought spending the night in a hotel was cool. The flight back the next morning was uneventful and every one did fine. Maybe next time we'll see if we can make it 20 minutes...

Here are a few pictures...

The Frozen'ish Salt Lake

The Kids
(And they look happy!)

The Boy
(Looking slightly annoyed)

The Woman
(Lookin' Good!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grand Opening

I just finished my first flight blog below. The flight took place a while ago but I had quite a few pictures so I started with that one. My first post took way too long to create, hopefully I'll get faster at this...

The what is on fire?

Flight Info
Date: 09/03/06 Route of Flight: SLC-ENV-TUY-SLC
Legs: 3 Total Duration: 2.9 Hours Type: VFR

This was a short flight to Wendover NV, thanks to my passenger Kurt for taking all the pictures. I have posted some pictures of the sites we saw along the way. Sites include; the Great Salt Lake, Bonneville Salt Flats and Wendover airport. Wendover is an old air force base where they loaded one of “the” bombs dropped on Hiroshima; they have a cool little museum there. On the way back to SLC we encountered a problem, not with our airplane, but with Salt Lake International’s tower. It would seem they had a fire and had to evacuate the control tower. So they were not letting any VFR traffic land until the tower was manned. Approach control is in a different building so they were able to tell us to go away. After circling outside of the SLC class B airspace for a while, we landed at Tooele and waited it out.

National Guard base at SLC

SLC's Parking and Terminal Area

Following Interstate 80
(VFR Transition Route out of class B)

Great Salt Lake
(Beyond the mountains are the Salt Flats.)

Bonneville Salt Flats
(If you enlarge this picture you can see a quite a few cars preparing to "go fast".)

Landing at Wendover
(This has to be one of the longest runways at an uncontrolled airport in the country.)

My Ride and The Old Control Tower

The Old Control Tower

One of the Displays at the Museum

Old Hangers and Cargo Plane

Refueling at Tooele
(That's your's truly on the phone trying to explain to The Woman that I was going to be late... she didn't buy the "control tower fire" story.)

Salt Lake City

Turning Final
(I thought this was a cool picture because, as a pilot, I am never starring at the ground just below me when setting up to land.)