Thursday, June 21, 2007

Salt Lake to Youngstown and not much else...

Flight Info
Date: 6/8/07 Route of Flight: KSLC - OGD - BFF - KSUX - JOT - KYNG
Legs: 2 Total Duration: 9.9 Hours Type: IFR

This was the first leg of my trip to Scranton, PA. Everything went well, I picked up some fuel and lunch in Sioux City and made it as far as Youngstown, OH. As I got closer to Youngstown the visbitly was decreasing to under 3 miles. I was prepared for an ILS approach but I was able to land visually. I decided to spend the night in Youngstown because of thunderstorms all across PA and the fact that I was getting tired. That left me with only 1.5 hours of flight time remainging for the next day.

Started this Flight at 11,000 ft becasue of the high terrain east of Salt Lake City.

Outside of Fort Bridger, WY (You can see that even at 11k I am not that far from the ground.)

The terrain started droping about an hour outside of Sioux City. (Note the map going from tan to green.)

After some lunch and fuel in Sioux City I saw a whole lot of... this! (This was the view out the window for the next 3 hours.)

Southwest of Chicago (More of the same...)

Clinton, Iowa (Out of nowhere, came this city I never heard of. I posted this picture because there was nothing else to post for most of this flight.)

A Southwest jet headed north, on its way to Chicago.

Storms east of Youngstown (I decided i would spend the night in Youngstown, OH. XM weather makes cross-crounty flying much easier.)

Sunset on Lake Erie

Avalon Inn's Lobby (I spent the night here in Youngstown, OH)

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