Saturday, June 23, 2007

Short Trip to Scranton

Flight Info
Date: 6/9/07 KYNG - KAVP
Legs: 1 Total Duration: 1.5 Hours Type: IFR
This was my final leg to Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA (KAVP) I was looking forward to landing at Wilkes Barre because this is the airport where I learn to fly about 15 years ago in a 1980 Piper Warrior (N8085A). It was really cool to say the words over the radio: "Wilkes Barre Tower, Cirrus, four five six, sierra sierra, Landing Wilkes Barre...", from the left seat of my own airplane. I was even welcomed back to AVP with the same old gusty crosswinds.

A C-130 was taxing in front of me on the way out of Youngstown.

Lil' Mountains (Aren't they cute?)

Harvey's Lake (I used to practice maneuvers over this lake when I was learning to fly in high school.)

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Paul said...

That's fantastic! I was just flying past Harvey's lake the other day on my way to KAVP, and got some pictures of it as well. Unfortunately, the landscape doesn't seem as green this time of year.