Saturday, July 7, 2007

NASCAR's Jets and a trip to Peoria

Flight Info
Date: 6/7/07 Route of Flight: KSLC - KPIA
Legs: 1 Total Duration: 4.6 Hours Type: IFR

The parking area at AVP (This airport is NOT usually littered with private jets, I just happened to be in town for the Pocono 500 NASCAR race. These are the jets of NASCAR teams, drivers and owners.)

Dale Jr's and a Roush Racing's planes.

I have has my instrument rating for a while now, but still get a kick out of flying though clouds.

Breakin' the Law! (See that red circle? Your not suppose to fly inside that circle. Unless, of course you are on an IFR fligth plan!)

That "Red Circle" (mentioned above) is there to protect this stadium.

I though The Woman would like to live here, so I posted it.

Sunset 30 minutes east of Peoria. (Note the rain falling.)

Lobby of the German themed Raddison hotel in Peoria. (I spent the night here.)

Restaurant area. (Varrrry Germanish!)

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